Sleeve Bearing

Specializing in Emergency Repairs and Expedited Parts Delivery
Sleeve Bearing

We repair and manufacture all types of sleeve bearings. We specialize in direct replacement of existing bearings. This enables the customer to obtain replacement bearings with considerable savings over the OEM. In addition our deliveries are more time efficient.

In many cases we can provide bearing upgrades by changing materials or features with out changing the critical parameters of the bearing, this can enable performance increases with out affecting the stability of the rotor/bearing system.

We have experience in the manufacture of bearings for all types of rotating equipment, reciprocating compressors, gear boxes, motors, pumps, integrally geared compressors, turbines both steam and gas, and expanders ,cryogenic and hot gas.

We have experience with Worthington, Dresser, Lufkin, Turbodyne, Ingersoll-Rand, Elliott, Gould, Union, Rotoflow, Atlas Copco, Hibon and Roots.


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We are committed to quality performance and service. Each member of the BO-GE team is dedicated to ongoing training and offers a wealth of experience to the profession. We follow stringent safety requirements and certifications in the manufacturing and repair of all equipment.