Rotor Repair

Specializing in Emergency Repairs and Expedited Parts Delivery

Rotor repairs are our specialty. We excel at cleaning and balancing rotors with short turnaround times. We have many years experience with the disassembly and reassembly of heavy interference fit rotors, such as those used by Demag.

We use only Schenck Trebel balancing machines and maintain current up to date instrumentation and can accommodate weights from 1 to 20.000 pounds. Dynamic component balancing of overhung weight, such as required for I-R Centac rotors as been a specialty for many years.

High speed rotors are balanced beyond API specifications to the best balance that can be obtained.

Electrical run-out testing is performed in-house and can be mobilized at a moments notice for use at the job site.

Many rotor assemblies can be cleaned, magnafluxed and balanced. At times total disassembly may be required. When a complete disassembly is necessary, all components are magnafluxed, cleaned and inspected and a work scope is developed.

Replacement parts required such as shafts, wheels or thrust parts are drawn, digitized and manufactured.

The unit is dynamically component balanced during reassembly. A drawing listing full dimensions and run-outs is made.

All rotor assemblies are shipped with balancing certification and ERO documentation.


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We are committed to quality performance and service. Each member of the BO-GE team is dedicated to ongoing training and offers a wealth of experience to the profession. We follow stringent safety requirements and certifications in the manufacturing and repair of all equipment.