Compressor Repair

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Compressor repair

Centrifugal compressor repairs, whether geared or in-line, consist of receiving the equipment, taking digital photographs of the as received condition, pre-cleaning prior to entering the shop, disassembly, recording all critical measurements, non-destructive testing of all critical parts, and developing a work scope.

All reusable parts are cleaned either by sand blasting, glass beading, pressure washing or hand cleaning. Hydro testing the case is provided if major weld repairs are necessary. If applicable, the case is painted inside and out with paint conducive to the environment the equipment runs in.

Parts are replaced as required, either manufactured by BO-GE Assembly or those from the customers stock. The rotating parts are balanced to well below API specifications or a finite residual unbalance for high speed rotors (See Rotor Repair) and the unit is final assembled.

Final assembly includes recording all dimensions, run-outs and clearances. Pictures are taken throughout and provided to the customer upon completion of the repair along with all inspection reports and certificates in digital format via electronic mail.

An oxygen clean room is used for all compressor parts used for Oxygen service. Black light testing is performed throughout the repair and Oxygen cleaning certification is provided.

Allis-Chalmers, Cooper Joy MSG and TA 4 poster styles, Clark Isopac, Clark M & H, Demag VK, HVK, KA and SEZ designs, Dresser, Elliott, Hitachi and I-R Centac are a few of the many compressors we service.


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We are committed to quality performance and service. Each member of the BO-GE team is dedicated to ongoing training and offers a wealth of experience to the profession. We follow stringent safety requirements and certifications in the manufacturing and repair of all equipment.