Bearing & Seal Repairs

Specializing in Emergency Repairs and Expedited Parts Delivery
bearing & seal repair

Bearing and seal repairs and upgrades are completed on a daily basis by our drafting and manufacturing departments. We can reverse engineer from samples or original drawings if available. We have repaired or manufactured a large number of bearings and seals and in many cases can cross reference from OEM part numbers. If we have manufactured the part or repaired it previously we will already have the part number recorded in our system and the price and delivery can be quoted within hours.

We centrifugally cast only virgin ASTM B32 grade 2 Babbitt. All raw materials are received with material certifications and can be supplied on request.


We have converted many small steam turbines from carbon seals to brush seals and we have converted several labyrinth seal applications to brush seals. References are available on request.

We routinely convert rocker style journal bearings to self aligning ball and socket design. Self equalizing thrust bearings with a history of high load or severe fretting also benefit from the implementation of ball and socket pivots.


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We are committed to quality performance and service. Each member of the BO-GE team is dedicated to ongoing training and offers a wealth of experience to the profession. We follow stringent safety requirements and certifications in the manufacturing and repair of all equipment.